While I have been successful in life, I still question myself and have deep feelings of inadequacy that at times paralyze me. I’ve always been

self-conscious and full of doubt, and I don’t understand why. Until recently, there are very few photographs of me, even from childhood I

avoided the spotlight or the camera. By-Five is about me taking charge and stepping out from behind the lens to grow, not only as a

photographer, but as a person. It is also a step toward loving and embracing myself for who I am. The intent is for the viewer to resonate with

the little steps that it takes to gain self-confidence.

The title comes from a radio term in which one asks "How do you hear me?" and the response is "Five-by-Five", meaning "Loud and Clear". My

call-sign in the Air Force was Five-By, as I've always been loud but not necessarily clear. By-Five is a linguistic fine art series that takes an

introspective look at self. I am putting myself in front of the camera to expose myself, not literally, but figuratively through combining photos of

myself with other symbols that represent me.